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Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Horsemanship Programs

About Saving Grace Farm

Saving Grace Farm offers equine rescue and education programs for physically or psychologically abused, neglected, or abandoned horses and to provide rehabilitation, retraining, and placement for horses into permanent homes.

Saving Grace Farm Charitable Foundation is a registered Pennsylvania non-profit charity with 501(c)(3) status.  Donations are tax deductible.

Rescue & Rehabilitation
Education & Horsemanship
Responsible Ownership

Our Programs

We deeply believe that horses are some of our greatest teachers, particularly in the area of leadership development.  This belief, in combination with the strong business leadership and employee development expertise of our team, has fueled the growth of leadership programs for the benefit of both equine business and community organizations.

Our programs are designed to educate individuals on proper handling, riding, and caring techniques for horses.  Saving Grace Farm seeks to develop more rewarding partnerships between humans and equines through better understanding, adoration and education.

Saving Grace Farm will work to develop customized education programs to suit your specific needs.  These programs may also include guest speakers and clinicians who are considered subject matter experts in their given areas of expertise and can be held at your farm or facility.  Please contact us via e-mail or via phone at 570.578.2845 for more information.

Our Partners

Established in Pennsylvania in 2009, Saving Grace Farm focuses it’s efforts on the education of horse owners and enthusiasts to improve the responsible care and handling of horses.  We, on a lesser scale, also provide rehabilitation, re-training, and re-homing of horses in need.  Saving Grace Farm partners with various working farms throughout the state of Pennsylvania to help accomplish this mission.

In addition to helping the equine community, Saving Grace Farm is happy to partner with the local community and other non-profit organizations to develop and deliver programs that can be of benefit to the community at large.

Ready to Get Involved?

Saving Grace Farm firmly believe in giving our rescue horses the best opportunity a happy and successful life in a new career.

All donations will go directly to improving the life of a wonderful equine friend in need of sponsorship. We sincerely thank you for your support of our mission.

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